Toufic Abdul-Al | Nostalgia
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Toufic Abdul-Al was born in Acre October 3, 1938. His father was a wholesale and retail grain and butter dealer. Palestine at the time was staying in a rebellion state, revolutionists were the masters of the situation and people had to choose between blood or money.

The house he lived in was situated in Arce was an old three storey house with ornamented ceiling and an ivory staircase overlooking the sea. On the third storey, there were high copper beds. In the house, there were arches, old windows and ornamented red brick tiles on the roof, all this given him a background influenced greatly by eastern decoration.

He used to go down to the western beach in Acre where he watched the fishermen and envied them for their “liberation” from the desk and the blackboard. The big nets were interesting and attractive to him. He enjoyed listening to the songs, and watching the reflection of the red boats on the blue water of the sea. These scenes took a large place in his work in the sixties, especially the “Blue stage”.

At the school in Acre, his arts teacher, George Fakhouri, arranged an exhibition of Toufic’s paintings when he was only 9 years of age. His paintings were in watercolour and coloured chalk. Among the paintings was a black woman carrying a bunch of jasmine, and whom the pupils recognised as the woman living next to the school.