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Toufic Abdul-Al: Acre 1938 – Beirut 2002 Born in Acre in 1938, Toufic Abdul-Al, belongs to the first generation of modern Palestinian artists. His work is distinguished through his visual culture and freedom of expression. Abdul-Al was known for bringing together in his repertoire drawings, sculptures and paintings. His artwork does not belong to any particular school, but it portrays different artistic experiences of successive schools, such as the eastern and western schools. His forced exile from Acre increased his fascination and bond with his childhood days, which inspired most of his works. As Monet’s garden was an essential characteristic in his works, Abdul-Al’s memory was the source that inspired most of his repertoire, which included the themes of fishing, nature, family, women, horses, and knights. Abdul-Al also chose to chronicle the suffering of his homeland, family, and people, especially in the numerous black and white sketches, which were published in many newspapers, magazines and posters. The presence of spaces and abstract compositions, which can be regarded as a complete painting within a painting is a common feature of his work. Rhythms of a Different Time aims to present a new narrative in the works of Toufic Abdul-Al, by showcasing the core of his art and connecting it to its origin, through a collection of video installations shot in Acre and Beirut. Participated in tens of Arabic exhibitions and received numerous medals including the Lotus Medal in Moscow, the honorary title of the Sursouk Museum (1970), the shield of the artist Naji Al-Ali in Damascus (1991), and the last was awarded the Medal of Jerusalem in a ceremony organized by the Fine Arts Association in Syria on (1993).

Professional Memberships & Awards:

 1960: Founding Member of the of Lebanese Artists Association of Painting and Sculpture

 1968: Issued the Palestinian Plastic Art Album, published by Palestine National Liberation Movement

 1969: Issued the Arab Resistance Plastic Art Album, published by The Arab Liberation Front

 1970: Founding member and secretary of The Palestinian Plastic Artist Union

 1970: Granted the Sursouk Museum Honorary Award

 1970: Granted the Lotus Award in Moscow

 1971: Member of The One-Dimension Assembly in Baghdad

 1971: Member of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society

 1971-73: Lecturer in art for teachers in the United Nations

 1973: Founding member One Dimension Assembly in Beirut

 1974: Issued the Palestinian Plastic Art Album, published by Research Center

 1975: Member of the Civil War dialogue committee, All for Love & Peace

 1977: Founding member and secretary general of the People's Hall of Fine Arts

 1977: Issued the Palestinian Plastic Art Album published by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society

 1979: Member of the General Secretariat and the Executive Office of the of Palestinian Plastic Art Union

 1980: Member of the Union of Arab Plastic Artists

 1980: Advisor to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, and graphics editor of Balsam Magazine

 1980: Member of the of Palestinian Writers and Journalists Union

 1980: Member of the International Association of Fine Arts

 1980: Awarded the Golden Sail award but later revoked for his personal views and opinions

 1980: Issued Palestine Colors and Lineation, published by Nakhal EST.

 1983: Dar Ibn Roushd published Toufic Abdul-Al: Calligraphy, Color and Design

 1991: Advisor to Naji Al Ali Cultural Center

 1991: Awarded the shield of the martyr artist Naji Al-Ali - Damascus by the ministry of culture

Has displayed works in numerous Arab and international museums as well as presidential and embassy collections

Published numerous posters and murals representing resistance art

Palestinian Plastic Art Union Abdul-Al with Shammout, Sumi, Al-Hossieni & Al-Saudie _1979


1962: National University –  Aley, Lebanon    

1963: Broummana National High School – Broummana, Lebanon 

1964: Association of Lebanese Artists – Beirut, Lebanon 

1966: Association of Lebanese Artists – Beirut, Lebanon 

1967: Beirut Arab University – Beirut, Lebanon 

1968: St. Joseph High School – Beirut, Lebanon 

1969: American University of Beirut – Beirut, Lebanon  

1969: Sidon Cultural Club – Sidon, Lebanon   

1970: Berkigi Hotel – Istanbul, Turkey  

1970: Piazza San Marco – Venice, Italy 

1970: Iraqi National Museum – Baghdad, Iraq 

1971: Baghdad International Exhibition – Baghdad, Iraq 

1972: Carlton Hotel 1972 – Beirut, Lebanon 

1973: Burj Al Barajneh Cultural Club – Beirut, Lebanon  

1974: The 10th Arab Scout Conference – Mosul, Iraq  

1975: Beirut Arab University – Beirut, Lebanon 

1976: Iraq Baghdad - Exhibition Hall Cree 1976 – Baghdad, Iraq 

1976: Tripoli International Fair – Tripoli, Libya 

1976: Snunski Center – Zagreb, Yugoslavia  

1977: Beirut Arab University – Beirut, Lebanon 

1978: People Hall – Beirut, Lebanon 

1979: United Nations Building – Geneva, Switzerland  

1979: Museum of Modern Art – Lisbon, Portugal 

1980: Ramada Hotel – Doha, Qatar  

1981: Beau Rivage Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon 

1981: People Hall 1981 – Beirut, Lebanon 

1982: Dar Al Karama 1982 – Beirut, Lebanon 

His last exhibition came after 10 years from the preceding exhibition, which had coincided with the Israeli Forces Invasion of Beirut in 1982 and the loss of most of his work by fire during the attack.  

Exhibition with Association of Lebanese Artists _1966